Youth of Yemen, and the problem of unemployment with
the deterioration of the economic situation

One of the biggest problems in Yemeni society since the start of conflicts and so far is, the suffering of young people from the unemployment crisis, in light of the deteriorating economic situation, and only work barely enough daily expenses.

Of course, the young Yemeni dream of work provides him with a stable income and security and stability and live in dignity, and then improve the material and living conditions, but there is no work provide an appropriate income. They take responsibility at an early age, leaving them to leave school.

In the past few years, Yemen has released the first comprehensive survey of its workforce for more than 15 years, revealing high unemployment rates and low working-age population who are economically active.

The high rate of youth unemployment

This survey indicates that youth unemployment rose by 13.5% in 2014, compared to 11.5% in 1999, while labor force participation declined from 45.9% of the working-age population to 36.3% in the same period.

The survey included Yemen in 2013 and 2014 using internationally recognized standards, and the results were analyzed in collaboration with the ILO and the Central Statistical Organization in Yemen.

The deteriorating conditions of the labor market

As a reading of this survey, this indicates that the conditions of the labor market were deteriorating even before the current conflict, and Yemeni youth constitute the largest proportion of the population of Yemen, which made the phenomenon of unemployment is evident.

The rate of youth unemployment in the age group of 15 to 24 years is about 25%, which means twice the national rate of the country and the weakness of youth unemployed about 45% because of poor experience or labor market problems because of the instability of the situation.

The language of numbers in the unemployment rate

  • Unemployment rate: 13.5%.
  • Women’s unemployment rate: 26.1%.
  • Men’s unemployment rate: 12.3%.
  • Youth unemployment rate: 24.5%.
  • Participation rate in the labor force: 36.3%.
  • Women’s participation rate: 6.0%.
  • Men’s participation rate: 65.4%.
  • Youth participation rate: 25.8%.


  • Average monthly wage: Yemeni riyals 52,500 (US $ 244).
  • Average monthly wage for women: 40.400 Yemeni riyals (188 US dollars).
  • Average monthly wage for men: 53.300 Yemeni riyals (248 US dollars).
  • The average monthly wage for youth: 34.500 Yemeni riyals (161 US dollars).

Recommendations to address the crisis of unemployment in Yemen

  • Following sustainable development and planning mechanisms.
  • Using the services of the private sector, government and civil society organizations in planning and implementation.
  • The use of economic men in Yemen to support the principles of economic freedom and state building in a state of economic equilibrium.
  • Exploitation of the economic resources available to revitalize the economy and provide employment opportunities for young people.
  • Recruiting social welfare fund resources.
  • Pay attention to small and large industries and others in the process of supporting projects.
  • Employment of social insurance resources in labor-intensive projects.
  • Ensuring the state’s right to work for youth and everyone in order to eliminate the phenomenon of unemployment and exploitation of human resources in correcting the course of Yemen once again.
  • The conflict must be effectively stopped and the state restructured again in order to stabilize the living.