Yemeni Women

Yemeni women have a great history and wonderful present and the certainly much better future than the reality of the sacrifices and effort made for the family and the homeland, and is a symbol of patience and doing good and strive to achieve the goals.

Yemeni women achieved a lot of goals but only to get their rights fully, after having made huge achievements in many fields inside and outside Yemen and succeeded in proving itself in the field of work. Of course, the war in Yemen years ago and the conflicts so far have affected women significantly,

The suffering of Yemeni women

It seems that the Yemeni woman is incredibly patient. She succeeded in dealing with all the developments throughout the history of Yemen and the most recent is the war that broke out and the armed men, militias and many of the armed men appeared.

Yemeni women returned to the era of not going out of the house, suffering a lot of pain in the preparation of food and the care of children and husband, along with the supply of water and firewood from far away to the house as if returned to rural life.

The Legendary Yemeni Woman

Herein, we mean the Yemeni woman, the sister, the daughter or the wife or the mother of course; has succeeded in a line of legendary works with successive crises remained steadfast even in the grief at the funeral of precise person of her. Yemeni women continue to be patient and clean and defy all circumstances and continue to gather science to achieve their dreams, including the educator, teacher, doctor, engineer, and farmer and policeman. And as proud of itself that she is half the society and the incubator of the other half, which means that it is the whole society and without them there can be no society.

Facing the high winds

Yemeni women have proved distinctive in overcoming the strong winds and facing many difficulties as their legendary steadfastness in the face of war. Even after the death of husband or wife, women resort to work and raise children to earn the living today and achieve a good living.

Yemeni women provided a lot of handicrafts in light of the recession of the economy, industry and labor market in Yemen because of the dire conditions, and decided to help the husband and son in the harsh physical conditions through these actions.

Women and their role in bringing peace

Yemeni women play a major role in the removal of aggression, the establishment of peace through awareness, the preparation of educational programs, curricula and educational competencies, etc., and to address terrorism and aggression and confront it from infancy, and raising children on such teachings.

Yemeni women also have an important role in the health sector, emergency and ambulance, and care for the sick and wounded and their awareness of the importance of unity and tolerance in order to preserve the safety and stability of the homeland and the return of safety.