“Productive Community Funds” organization  announces its contribution to the financing of new
ideas and projects for Yemeni youth and women

Yemen is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations in the world, as it dates back to 2500 BC. The country contains a very large reserve of gas and oil. It is known that Yemen has a natural gas reserve of between 12 to 16.9 trillion cubic feet, which has not been exploited thus far. Yemen is also located in a very strategic location, as it overlooks the “Bab Al Mandab” passage, which is a central hub in international trade. It also overlooks huge coastlines on the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea with a 2,500 km coastline, which qualifies it to be a global trading center and, therefore, an influential element in the international economy. Furthermore, its coastline is famous for fishing. In addition, the fact that Yemen has some of the oldest and most significant historic sites in the world (listed in UNESCO’S World Heritage list) makes it an excellent site for tourism, which could also be an economic strength for the country.

The most important element of Yemen is the youth; about 35% of Yemen’s population are youth. With the right education and training, the Yemeni people can compete economically and become self-sufficient.

Unfortunately, the war in Yemen has made it increasingly difficult for the Yemeni people to work, go to school, remain safe, and lead healthy lives. The following statistics are a testament to the extent of the damage: the unemployment rate among university graduates is 54%; a new economic report confirmed that the poverty rate in Yemen is 85% of the total population; 17 million people suffer from food insecurity; 20.7 million need humanitarian assistance; and 9.8 million are at risk of famine and starvation; 2.2 million children are severely malnourished; 2.2 million women or girls of childbearing age are at risk from malnutrition; 15.7 million people lack access to clean, drinking water and sanitation facilities; nearly 65% ​​of the population lacks adequate health care. At _____, we strive to reduce the impact.

It is very unfortunate that Yemen, a country that has great economic resources and more than enough manpower, has reached such a detrimental point. Yemen has such great potential, but because its human and natural resources are not being utilized and because there exists a lack of proper training, scientific planning, management systems, and modern technology, Yemen continues to stagnate, especially as it experiences war.

Yemen does not have to face its struggles alone; we can help. We have taken the responsibility of forming the “Productive Community Funds” Foundation help the citizens of Yemen through not only immediate relief, but also through training and education so that we can increase opportunities for Yemenis to change their lives for the better. Among other things, we can teach them crafts and tools production so that they can begin to establish their own businesses that will not only benefit them but will also inspire others to do the same. Developing our economy and creating jobs for the future of our children and youth is a huge priority.

This is an invitation to participate in building a new future for our dear country through not only financial support, but also through the sharing of innovative ideas so that we can turn them into projects that would be the core of a strong and healthy country. We invite and welcome all people who are wishing to make a difference in Yemen.

with you we are raising the slogan “Together for a Better Future”