The Yemeni island of Socotra
a unique island with rare trees

The Island of Socotra in Yemen or the so-called “The Island of Happiness” is the hidden pearl of Yemen and the hidden paradise of the earth, enjoys many landscapes you can’t find anywhere else in the world except in this island.

The island is located on the Indian Ocean, near the coast of the Horn of Africa; south of the Arabian Peninsula, to the east of the Gulf of Aden. Socotra Island is considered as an archipelago comprises four islands, the Island of Darsah, the Island of Abd al Kuri and the Two Islands of Samhah. It was the province of Hadhramaut Governorate but it became a province in itself in 2013. The island of Socotra contains wonders and mysteries of nature that have not yet been revealed to the world, and the most famous of its landmarks are its Scenic views and unique biodiversity.

Socotra Island has more than 800 species of rare plants. Its beaches are characterized by pure white sand and clear sea water, with rare species of fish and more than 300 species of macaroons that take Socotra as the only place to live in the world.

The most unusual island!

Socotra Island is the most exotic island in the world because of its unique landscape and environment. The island is one of the largest Arab islands, it has a length of 125 km and a width of 42 km and the length of its beaches to 300 km.

The island is one of the most important centers for the production of sacred goods, and produces goods that are used in the worship rituals of the religions of the ancient world.

The Virgin Island

Socotra Island is named with the “Virgin Island” as it contains 680 species of rare, famous, aromatic and medicinal plants, and also contains very old trees and plants, some of which are more than 20 million years old.

For real, it is a very charming environment filled with rare migratory birds and there are also dolphins that perform wonderful shows on the coasts of the archipelago, and various species of ornamental fish.

The most famous animals of Socotra Island

  • Coastal fish.
  • Wild snails, especially in an archipelago.
  • Crawling animals.
  • Shrimp
  • Crabs
  • Wild birds and exotic birds.
  • Rare marine coral.

Fishing in Yemen

It is considered one of the most important fishing areas in Yemen, as Socotra is characterized by a variety of terraces, such as valleys, mountains, waterfalls, plains and plateaus, with calcareous rocks and its conical mountains are very high and steep, and the most famous are the Mountains of Hugaira.

The island is also characterized by coastal plains, sand dunes, sandstones and gravel, and the most important plains are: the head of the valley, Wadi Darbat Salalah, Wadi Tuen, Hadibu, Wadi Dezarho, and the plain of Nugd,

Tree of Brothers’ Blood

One of the most famous plants in the island is the tree of “brothers blood”, which is considered one of the rarest trees and plants in the island of Socotra. The name of the tree has been associated with the name of the island for its popularity and importance since ancient times.

These plants are used in many primitive industries as they are used in the world of alternative medicine and treatment, and the part used from the tree is the resinous resin material, which is extracted from the plant peel and the branches of the fruit.