Problems of the deadly khat in Yemen
Waste of money, land and health!

Scientific name: Catha edulis

Khat is a devastating narcotic plant that grows in Yemen and East Africa. The plant contains a pseudo-alkaline minoanamin called cathinone, which causes anorexia and hyperactivity, and has been classified by the World Health Organization as a harmful drug that can cause mild or moderate addiction.

Khat is a source of wasted money, time, land and water. It is also a source of wasting health and family communication and causes many of the other diseases that we offer to you during this tour, thus wasting the entire human energy.

Khat damages

  • The effect of khat on the liver is large as the relationship between chewing and dysfunction because it contains substances known to be toxic to the liver, as well as toxins that are sprayed by khat.
  • Tuberculosis due to poor ventilation and smoke density in khat boards.
  • The negative effect on the urinary system where khat causes decreased urine flow and strength.
  • Reduce the acidity of the stomach and then cause khat indigestion and affect the mucous membranes and cause the infection of various ulcers and inflammation along the digestive system.
  • Liver infections and liver disease.
  • Inflammation and ulcers of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum due to the effect of the substance “Alananin” which is located on the membrane of the stomach.
  • According to scientific studies, one of the most important damages of khat is that it causes hemorrhoids.
  • Cardiovascular and psychological discomfort with high blood pressure.
  • Khat users are heavily exposed to bacteria and parasites.
  • For the respiratory system, khat affects it negatively, and comes to the extent of asthma and acute attacks that threaten life.
  • Constipation is caused because it reduces intestinal motility and the result of sitting for a long time.
  • Causes kidney stones.

Food poisoning

Khat is one of the most important elements of food poisoning of humans, because of the spread of the use of pesticides and fertilizers banned internationally to accelerate the growth of khat abnormal, which causes cancer.

Also affects the agricultural land, groundwater and surrounding environment in general, and in fact, the khat has no economic benefit at all but it negatively affects the land and health and everything.

Disabling agriculture

The negative effects of khat usage in agriculture is, disrupting many crops and waste water sources. Many of the farmers uproot coffee and fruit trees and replace them with their khat trees. This is very dangerous, as it reduces the size of agricultural land.

Khat agriculture leads to the drying up of groundwater and other sources of water, so it is assumed that when dealing with this, three quarters of the agricultural land should plant grains and fruits instead of khat.