“Together for a better future” This is our slogan. In “Productive Community Funds” we extend our hand to all young people to help to change their lives for the better and to build a prosperous future for them and their children.

We at the Productive Community Funds (“PCF”) open our doors to all Yemeni women and men to help them establish productive projects that contribute to a better tomorrow by providing financial, institutional and administrative support to Yemenicitizens who wish to change their lives for the better and start independent work that can build society and provide a decent life for them and their families.

PCF was launched through an agreement between a group of women living in the United States who wanted to provide support for Yemeni youth and to help Yemeni women in the United States by training them and providing them with the skills necessary to succeed in the labor market and to establish their own projects. PCF also provides administrative support to help them obtain the necessary permits to start their professional activities.

Even though this support is intended for Yemeni people due to their difficult situation caused by war and poverty, we are open to helping all youth. We are starting with Yemenis because they are in a desperate need.  For example, the PCF has helped a head of a family to purchase a motorcycle that allows him to deliver applications and other work. PCF has a department that trains women on many handicrafts such as knitting. Recently, PCF has been able to provide financial support and training to a woman who makes and sells a distinctive incense.  In a short time, she has earned
an income that provides a decent living for her and her family. Many women have been assisted in setting up their successful projects. In addition, PCF gives opportunities to housewives caring for young children. These are just a few examples of people who have succeeded in changing their lives for the better with the help of PCF.

How to get funding:
In contrast to most financing institutions that impose many conditions, restrictions, and administrative obstacles TO obtain the necessary funding, PCF opens its doors to all Yemeni citizens without exception.
All that is necessary is a submission of an idea or project.  PCF will study the potential and, if approved, will provide financial support and training if required.

Our  goal:
PCF wants to help Yemenis secure a decent life and standard of living and help them establish their own projects.  PCF seeks to encourage women to enter the labor market—especially freelance work.